The Last Massive Newsletter of 2016 – Thu, 29 Dec 2016


Christmas has come and gone and after eating a ton of food we are all looking forward to 2017. As we usher in the New Year you will be setting personal goals for your lives and health. Liz and I wish you great success for 2017 and hope that all of your goals are achieved, bringing you the joy and satisfaction of attaining success in all aspects of your lives.

Enter the 2017 Freestate Dash

All of the races entries for 2017 are live at MyActive. Entries already received are very encouraging and hopefully they will continue proving my belief that unsupported adventure cycling is growing in South Africa.

Enter the 2017 Durban Dash

What is unsupported adventure cycling? These races are where you the rider get to make the decisions on where to stay, what route to take and when to eat. The races are for thinking riders. Normally you arrive at a set up race village, hand over your bike, shower and eat. What makes our races so hard is that you still have to ride and then find your own accommodation, food and shower. This provides a whole different class of satisfaction that you may have had, pushing you way outside of your comfort zone.

Enter the 2017 1000 Miler

When I rode long distance races such as the Freedom Challenge we spent months planning the ride, talking about where we could save time and go faster. What gear to take, what bike to ride. This is all part of the adventure and once the bug has bitten it’s hard to not spend countless hours planning your next rides. Unsupported adventure cycling takes this experience to the next level. Not because the races are tougher or harder as a ride but because you have to plan, think and activate that plan yourself.

Enter the 2017 Karoo Dash

This past year we have had some of the best endurance riders compete at our events. Watching these riders impart their knowledge and skills to the less experienced has been fantastic to watch. Then we have seen ordinary people doing extraordinary things on a bike to complete an event. Riders with diverse backgrounds helping each other to get to the finish line by doing the right thing. It’s been great to watch and inspiring in this day and age! Congratulations to everyone that’s ridden our events, it’s encouraging to see so many riders coming back to ride in 2017. Thank you.

Enter the 2017 Trans Afrika Bike Race

We start 2017 off with the High Altitude Training Camp in Lesotho and remind people that the cut off for this camp is the 5th of January 2017. We will be setting out the calendar for the rest of our tours and training camps in the New Year. We have been quietly working throughout December with o5webdesign on the websites and all will be revealed in the New Year as this arduous process is completed. Thanks to Emile and Lisa from o5 for all their hard work over the festive season.

Learn more about out High Altitude Training Camp in Lesotho

We are really looking forward to 2017, bringing great riding and adventures not only for you but also for us. Happy 2017.
Best, Andy & Liz