Massive Newsletter November 2016 – Tue, 08 Nov 2016


All of the races are completed for the year and we are down to our last tour, which starts on the 1st of December. Then it’s holiday time! Well not really we have to get all of the races loaded, tours worked out and advertised and the 1 million other things that seem to crop up in this business. One thing I am defiantly doing is getting on the bike during December. Johannesburg will be quiet and it’s a great place to ride around while everyone else heads for the coast.

Here’s the news !!!!!


We have decided to change the entry format for the Trans Afrika. We have moved the start of the race to the 3rd of September 2017. Race enquiries will be accepted from riders the 1st of January 2017 until the 15th of January 2017 only. You will be required to submit an entry form and give a riding history. This information will be mailed to you once you enquire to enter the race.

Once the form is submitted we will evaluate the information and then inform you if you are allocated a place on the Trans Afrika 2017. You will be required to supply payment within 7 days of being notified of your successful application, failure to do so will result in you being removed from the entry list.

Trans Afrika is the toughest race on the African Continent, and we want to ensure that the riders entering the race do so with the right spirit and attitude. In 2016 we were faced with a situation that was unacceptable to us and we intend that the situation be never repeated. Through the screening process we believe we can manage this.

We will mail race enquiry notice to everyone on the 1st of January 2017.



Our tours have grown and it’s encouraging to see people that have not entered our races coming on our tours. Thank you to everyone that has supported us with the tours and we will be advertising some new tours for the 2017 season. If you have a group of riders or friends that wish to ride together let us have a look at setting up a private tour for you. There are such great opportunities to ride in different parts of Southern Africa; your adventure really does await you!

All of our tours are fully inclusive of food, accommodation, and drinks in some case transport from Johannesburg. Have a look on our Massive Tours website


All of the 2017 races are live on the website apart from the Dash UP and Trans Afrika. The Durban Dash UP is having a face-lift and we will finish the mapping soon. The second half of the race is being changed to increase safety and to make it a bit trickier! The Trans Afrika will be opened as stated above.

Once you enter a race you are sent an information pack, GPX tracks and added to our what’s app groups. We have linked up with Trekksoft to facilitate ease of payment. You can now pay by EFT or credit card.

Our races tend to intimidate riders, there are two types of riders that enter our races. The first is the racer that wants to pit themselves against the best endurance athletes we have in South Africa. The second rider is the person who pits themselves against themselves, challenging their boundaries and previous experience. I honestly believe that every person can finish an endurance event; I believe that you’re a winner for dreaming it and entering a race. The cut off for the checkpoints are tough, but do you really want it any other way?

This year we had riders with no experience do extra ordinary things on a bike. They raced, beat their expectations, raised money for charities and got to do something at 15% of the prices charged for other multi day races.

Entries are here have a look.

Safe riding and we hope to see you soon.
Andy & Liz