Trans Afrika Bike Race 2016: Race Report 3 – Fri, 07 Oct 2016

The Trans Afrika Bike Race 2016 – Race Report 3

A mixed bag of results and happenings over the past couple of days.

Kenny got through Swaziland and spent last night in Ermelo but is battling with a knee problem and a dynamo that does not want to work. Kenny was a bit late leaving Swaziland as he went back to bed due to it being cold ! This meant that his aspiration to get to Morgonzon was shot. Thursday has seen Kenny slowly getting to Vrede. Al of the riders have been battling a headwind all day and its really slowed progress.

Johan spent the night at the border in the Police Stations conference room, he apparently volunteered to sleep in a cell but he was declined the opportunity of bragging rights being the first Trans Afrika rider to be locked up on the border!

Johan got to Piggs Peak and checked into Sunset Guest House for a bite and a shower at 10H30 beating the checkpoint cut off time by 90 minutes. Johan looks set to sleep in Swaziland tonight as the winds are slowing his journey and he was running out of time to get through the Oshoek border post. Johan crossed at around 18h20 and is was looking for somewhere to sleep for the night. And its his birthday, wonder if the Swazi’s had cake for him ?

Chris has had a belter of a day, he has not been spared the winds but has tucked up and peddled on. We caught up with him heading in to Fouriesburg and he was chipper to coin a phrase, very focused on the Moteng Pass. Chris did not stop in Fouriesburg but rode on to the border and summited the Moteng Pass at 19h32 before heading back towards the Ficksburg border.


Andi left Morgonzon and rode to Warden. Andi was given a 12-hour time penalty for failing to track on the race tracking system. The rules clearly state the following:

Riders must have their trackers turned on at all times. Tracking will be through Mapmytracks. The rider is responsible for downloading the ENDURANCE App of Mapmytracks and registering with Mapmytracks.

Andi has decided to withdraw from the race, whilst this is a sad state of affairs we wish him well with his onward journey.

The weather has warmed up and the wind seems to be continuing. Riders heading for the Moteng Pass on the weekend can expect cooler temperatures and rain. Chris once out of Lesotho will have the flatter roads of the Free State and Karoo coming up. Flat is a relative term! Chris’s bold move to ride Moteng on Thursday night will put him way ahead of the other riders and it will be his strong willed determination that will push him to the finish in the time he has identified as his goal.

Safe riding and we hope to see you soon.
Andy & Liz