Trans Afrika Bike Race 2016: Race Report 5 – Wed, 12 Oct 2016

The Trans Afrika Bike Race 2016 – Race Report 5

Wednesday finds us in Prince Albert in the Western Cape. Chris Phillips arrived here late yesterday afternoon after a horrific day of head winds after leaving Willomore. When Chris arrived the clouds had come down and were covering the Swartberg Pass Mountains reducing temperatures considerably. Chris decided to stay the night and not risk getting caught out on the mountains.

Chris left Prince Albert early today and is headed for Barrydale. The weather at the top of the pass was around 0c when Chris summited and could have been even colder with the windchill on the downhill.

Chris has had a better day but been plagued with punctures on the dirt road to Calitzdorp. Hopefully his punctures are over as its all tar into Blouberg now. Chris is looking to finish the race on Thursday. His ETA at Blouberg will depend on his departure time from Barrydale. We will Tweet it and FB the ETA.


Kenny also had a terrible day on a bike from Middleburg yesterday at times down to 8 kmph and having to pedal downhill in his granny gear. Kenny arrived at Pagel House in Aberdeen and spent the night there being fed by Lyn whos meals are always superb. Leaving early Kenny has passed Willomore and is currently halfway to Klaarstroom, and is expected in at Prince Albert before 20h00.

Kenny has an opportunity to do a big push to the finish of 500 kms tomorrow or split the journey. We will have to wait and see what he does. If the weather does remain the same he could have a good chance at doing the 500 km tomorrow.

This year the weather has played a big part in the race with terrible winds. Last year it was the excessive heat, this year the wind. This race is difficult enough. Kenny and Chris have ridden the race with integrity and in the spirit that the race was created as has Johan before he had to stop, and we would like to thank them for making this journey a memorable one for us for the right reasons.

Now we need to get moving to Big Bay Blouberg Cape Town be at the finish.

Safe riding and we hope to see you soon.
Andy & Liz