Trans Afrika Bike Race 2016: Race Report 6 – Mon, 17 Oct 2016

The Trans Afrika Bike Race 2016 – Race Report 6

The last couple of days have been a bit of a whirlwind – no pun intended. Racing to the finish at Eden on the Bay in Blouberg and avoiding speeding fines have been my priority.

Chris stayed at Barrydale on Wednesday night and leaving early we caught up with him between Robertson and Worcester after he had consumed a large breakfast. There was a tail wind and Chris was in really good form. We were then able to guestimate his arrival time at Eden on the Bay. We then headed off up the Baines Kloof Pass and into Wellington.

Following the tracker dot all day is not the easiest thing to do when a rider is so close due to the 10-minute update setting on the Endurance app that we use. We were at the finish at Eden on Big Bay when Chris popped up coming around the back of the shopping center at 18h41 finish, and winning in a time of 11 days 17 hours 41 minutes. Chris’s kids gave him a loud cheer of congratulations and it was off to get cleaned up and some supper. Oh, and a beer and a glass or two of red wine.


Chris had a seriously hard ride along with Kenny this year. This race is seriously tough both physically and mentally. Include wind that blows you sideways and always in your face and the race becomes a different animal again. Perseverance is a word, to watch it is awesome.

Kenny arrived very late at Barrydale and it was always going to be a big push to get to the finish in one go with the weather conditions. I always think it’s harder to do an event twice and back2back as you have nothing to prove apart to yourself. Kenny just put his head down and gritted it out to the finish and arrived at 23h41 on Friday evening. Again Kenny like Chris arrived around the back of the shopping center surprising us. His GPS has not worked since Bethlehem and he got a bit lost coming into Blouberg. Kenny was awarded the Lanterne Rouge again for his efforts to finish the race in 12 days 21 hours 41 minutes. I can not figure out how they both finished on 41 minutes?


That concluded the 2016 Trans Afrika, 10 entered, 4 turned up to start and 2 finished. I have to ask myself some serious questions about this race. Do we carry on? Is it too hard? Why riders think they cannot abide by rules? Next year we planned to move the race forward to September to get away from the heat. This year we did not have the heat, go figure! Financially the race is a disaster and 3 years of self-financing is not a good business recipe. But decisions like this are best made in the cold light of day. We will keep you informed.

To Kenny, Chris and Johan thank you for your company, integrity and smiles, it’s been an incredible journey once again.

Thank you for following the 2016 Trans Afrika Bike Race

Safe riding and we hope to see you soon.
Andy & Liz