1000 Miles. Please Don’t Frack Any of Them

The topic of fracking is a controversial one. There have been numerous examples and articles concerning the reasons why fracking is harmful to the environment. However, on the 30th of March of this year, government in South Africa gave the go-ahead for shale gas development to happen in the Karoo area. And, if reports are to be used as an indication, government may award the first shale gas exploration licenses as early as September this year.

Now, for those who don’t know what fracking is or why it’s such a hot topic, here’s some info:

Fracking is the process where by liquid is injected into either a subterranean rock formation, borehole, etc. at an incredibly high pressure, which opens up any cracks in the earth, giving access to the trapped oil or gas inside these cracks. It sounds like a safe and simple procedure, right?

Not quite.

Fracking is a toxic and environmentally unfriendly practice, requiring lots of water to help with fracking process. Up to 600 chemicals and 20 million litres of water is used per fracking well. And despite the impact it has on our beautiful environment, fracking has some serious health risks as well. It’s been linked to being the cause of sensory, respiratory and neurological damage in people who are exposed to it.

The African Conservation Trust, a founding member of the Sustainable Alternatives to Fracking and Exploration (SAFE) Alliance, aims to oppose fracking and to help seek alternative and sustainable development options for the areas where fracking is set to take place.

The Alliance is looking to use all of the legal tools are their disposal to oppose the issuing of fracking licenses and to help educate the public as well as those in more rural communities and to inform them of their environmental rights, more in particular, those concerning fracking.

Now, amongst the many riders who’ve participated in our Massive cycle races, we have two very dedicated individuals who seek to highlight the dangers and the environmental impact fracking will have, and how it will affect the world that we leave behind for our children, should we not do something about this issue.

During the upcoming 1000 Miler race, riders Jo Mackenzie and Matthew Myburgh are set to ride the race to raise awareness about fracking.

It’s a great cause and all of us at Massive Adventures and Tours support them 100%. Our environment is something that’s precious and beautiful and it is our duty to do all we can to protect and preserve it for the beauty it contains as well as for future generations that will follow.

Matthew is also running a Give ‘n Gain project, where he’s trying to raise R5000 for the next 51 days in aid of Frack Free South Africa.

We’d like to invite all to visit the project and show your support.