Update – The Flying Kiwi Tour – 01 June 2017

Update – The Flying Kiwi Tour – 01 June 2017

And they’re off!

In their bid to raise funds for Qhubeka, Dan and Louise have started their ambitious ride into Lesotho, up the highest road passes and down the Sani pass, before taking on the mighty 90km uphill run of Comrades Marathon.

Here’s a breakdown of their progress so far:

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Having departed from Fouriesburg, the pair pushed through the day by taking on the mighty Moteng Pass. Dan’s perseverance on the Qhubeka bike paid off as he rode the 26kgs, single-speed bike all the up, which saw them successfully summiting Moteng Pass as a result.

By 16h45 on Sunday, Dan and Lou ended their day at Afriski to rest and recharge for the next day’s ride.


With the triumphs of day 1 behind them, day 2 had a few unexpected turns in store for the duo.

Dan and Lou started their day with the goal of conquering the Sani Pass set within their crosshairs. However, on a downhill road, the rear hub of Dan’s Qhubeka bike exploded causing the bike to go into a 100 meter skid that Dan managed to control. This posed a serious problem: with the Qhubeka bike out of commission for the time being, a new hub had to be found, but the problem would be where to find one.

After deciding on calling it a day, the team regrouped to plan their next move.

Day 3

Despite being bike-less, Dan still continued the journey by making a run up and down the Sani Pass. Lou, on the other hand had to ride down, up and down the Sani Pass to conquer this tough piece of road on her bike.

Later, Dan and the team attempted to find a rear wheel for Dan’s Qhubeka bike, but with no luck, Dan had to buy a new bike – which is called the Iron Horse. Dan plans to use his new two-wheeled steed during his ride to Hela Hela.

Now, with a new bike acquired and their resolve to continue their ride in aid of Qhubeka still as strong as the moment they kicked off this ambitious ride, things are looking to heat up. With Dan’s Iron Horse still holding strong – and with Dan missing the Qhubeka bike dearly – the race is still on and the goal is still firmly in sight.

We’ll keep you updated on Dan and Lou’s progress. For more instant action on the progress, follow our Facebook page for photos and more.