Update – The Flying Kiwi Tour – 08 June 2017

Update – The Flying Kiwi Tour – 06 June 2017

What a tour it has been!

The Flying Kiwi Tour was one of numerous ups and down, and we’re not talking about the numerous passes that the duo had to summit during their trek.

With seemingly insurmountable odds, Dan and Lou conquered the various issues that the tour threw their way.

With Dan settling in on the Iron Horse, and with everything looking as though it could be smooth sailing for the remainder of the tour, disaster struck … again.

After having ridden only 60km’s on the Iron Horse, Dan’s trusty steed gave up the ghost. This forced the duo to limp into Hella Hella to regroup. After having regrouped, Dan and Lou went right back into it, with Dan having to carry on by foot and Lou cycling onward into Hillcrest.

We’ve got to give it to both Dan and Lou; they fought hard and rode and ran even harder.

The running put Dan in a great position to make quick work of the Comrades run he’d planned on doing. So much so, that Dan ran the Comrades in an impressive time of 8 hours and 48 minutes.

In all, it was a week of perseverance and dedication that culminated in an adventure cycling tour for a good cause. That’s what we call a massive adventure.

All of the best,
Andy & Liz