Rider Profile: John Goddard

Name & Surname
John Goddard

The race you’ll be taking part in?
I will be taking part in The 1000 Miler

How many Massive Adventures adventure cycle races have you taken part in overall?
This is going to be my first ride under the Massive Adventure banner.

What you’re most looking forward to on the race this year?
The part that I am most looking forward to is the section from Sutherland to the end as that will be new territory for me. I’ve also not seen my daughter, Stacey, in over a year and she and my wife will be coming to fetch me in Cape Town. So that is also an important part of this ride for me.

Tell us your cycling story?
Ever since I started cycling seriously, I wanted to ride down to Durban.

In 2009, a friend of mine, Gary, and I decided to do just that. The plan was to ride down to Durban and drive back with Gary’s son and his girlfriend. We left on a Friday morning at 2am taking minimal kit with us. We reached Harrismith on the same day just as the sun was going down, so we decided to stop and have something to eat and then we rode onto little Switzerland for a short nap. After our nap we continued down the pass.

We decided to continue and have breakfast at the Wimpy in Mooiriver. Just before Mooiriver there is a long climb with a radio tower on top, as I came over the top, I found Gary lying in the grass talking on his phone – his son and girlfriend wouldn’t be able to come and fetch us. What a disaster!

Here we were hundreds of km’s from home with very little supplies and no ride home.What to do! Fortunately my brother lived in Pietermaritzburg at the time. So I phoned him praying he was at home and not away as he often is. Would he be able to rescue us. YES!, he saved the day.

Fetched us with his station wagon and took us back to his house for a wonderful shower and hot meal and ‘a set of unwanted clothes’ he is much bigger than both Gary and I, so you can imagine how we looked, like two little lost boys. But we were warm and dry. – and that was all that mattered at that point. We ended up catching the bus back to Gauteng and had our bicycles brought back at a later stage.

The ride was a good experience and has been followed by many more endurance rides to many different places, and now onto Cape Town.