Rider Profile: Michael Ortlepp

Name & Surname
Michael Ortlepp

The race you’ll be taking part in?
1000 Miler

How many Massive Adventures adventure cycle races have you taken part in overall?
This is my second Massive Adventures Race – Karoo Dash last year was my first.

What you’re most looking forward to on the race this year?
Looking forward to seeing new places, pushing my body and mind on the bike, raising funds for the Spirit Foundation, guessing where I’m going to end up each day.

Tell us your cycling story?
I’m fairly new to cycling and don’t have much experience.

I love the challenge of the Massive Adventure events, and the opportunity to push oneself without the pressure/expectation of a standard stage race. I enjoy that we have to take our own routes, own provisions and make our own plans.

Had a tough Karoo Dash last year – with a rented bike, borrowed equipment, no real preparation for the cold and just a general lack of knowledge (I hadn’t changed a bike tyre since school days).

I’m feeling a little bit wiser this year, but a slightly under-trained. It is going to be a tough few days, but the feeling of completing such an epic journey makes the challenges along the way worth it.