Rider Profile: Albie Aucamp

Name & Surname
Albie Aucamp

The race you’ll be taking part in?
FreeState Dash

How many Massive Adventures adventure cycle races have you taken part in overall?
This will be my first Massive Adventure cycle race

What you’re most looking forward to on the race this year?
I grew up in the Free State and I’m looking forward to covering 470 km through the Free State, commencing from Johannesburg and riding through towns such as Koppies, Kroonstad, Winburg, and Brandfort. Friends and family struggle to understand. They can’t fathom why I’d spend 470 km in the saddle, wearing the same stinking kit, shoes, and socks. Nor do they see how all that suffering will increase my self-awareness, maybe even making me a better person. The reason I will embark on this trip is the same as always: there is an urgent desire to explore, a need to push my physical limits, and crave time outside of my day-to-day reality. My 470 km ride will once again empower me with a fresh perspective on life.

Tell us your cycling story?
I have been cycling for 6 years now and have done multiple stage races across the country over the years. I have combined my love for traveling and my love for riding a bike and started endurance racing about 2 years ago to explore my beloved country on a mountain bike. Endurance cycling races like the FreeState Dash is giving me the freedom to go out to build new lasting memories and to get a deeper love for my country.