Rider Profile: Christo van Heerden

Name & Surname
Christo van Heerden

The race you’ll be taking part in?
The 1000 Miler

How many Massive Adventures adventure cycle races have you taken part in overall?
This is race no. 3

What you’re most looking forward to on the race this year?
Beating the cold, the frozen water bottles, the self-inflicted mind games, enjoying the Karoo solitude and experiencing the awesome South African countryside.

Tell us your cycling story?
Last year the best cycling days I had, were ones where entire days were spent cycling. I compared those days to ones spent at work, and I remember thinking that they were awesome, but formed a tiny portion of the entire year. This year the goal is to have many more of these full cycling days. Andy’s events have helped me explore the South African landscape, but also my own boundaries. I’m still new at these Ultra events but exploring my boundaries and finding ways around them is part of the journey.