Rider Profile: Nardus Coetzee

Name & Surname
Nardus Coetzee

The race you’ll be taking part in?
Freestate Dash

How many Massive Adventures adventure cycle races have you taken part in overall?
One – Durban Dash 2017

What you’re most looking forward to on the race this year?
Can I be even better than the cyclist I dream to be?

Tell us your cycling story?
I always cycled to school, even in my matric year (and I did have a motorcycle at home).

My first “long distance” cycling started in std 8 (1978) when a friend of mine and I cycled from Krugersdorp to Vanderbijlpark to visit his grandmother for the weekend.

After school I only started cycling again in 2009 and my first race was the 100km Ottosdal “Draf & Trap”. In 2011 I heard of the Ian Kernick Memorial 200km the week after 94.7 and I decided to do it. I have now done 26 rides longer than 200 of which the Durban Dash (620 km) was the longest.

Only this year did I find out that long distance cycling is actually in my genes as my grandfather cycled from Zeerust to Loskopdam and back once a month to go and work there as a construction worker while building the dam wall.