1000 Miler/Karoo Dash/FreeState Dash Race Update – 1 July 2017 Update

1000 Miler/Karoo Dash/FreeState Dash Race Update – 1 July 2017 Update

At 5am this morning, the Free State Dash and the 1000 Miler races kicked off simultaneously. The riders braved the cold weather as they started the race at Thaba Trails, just outside Johannesburg.

Here’s an update on where the riders are right now:

We have Cindy, Sarah, Tim (all riding the 1000 Miler), Albie, Jack, Colin and Nardus (all riding the Free State Dash) have all left Koppies a while back and are riding furiously.


Cindy and Sarah are taking turns in front. The ladies seem to be leading the pack at the moment. With a serious wind that’s been plaguing the race and some rain, as well, the riders are going strong. The wind seems to have calmed for a bit right now.

At Heilbron, refuelling with some food, we have Wimpie Sander, Deon Smit, Gerrit Pretorius and Org Muller. Their plan will be to head to Edenville once they’re done at Heilbron.


We also have a very large group of riders heading towards Koppies, with Dave and Dawn Bell leading the group.

Further back, Jo Mackenzie and Matthew Myburgh seem to be having some serious navigational issues and they are battling to get to Vereeniging at this stage. From what we can tell, this is going to be a very long day for the duo.

By our estimation, we think that if the front pack of riders competing in the Free State Dash continue at their current pace, we could possibly see the race being won by midnight tonight. Who will win, we don’t know for sure.

All the riders are in good spirits and they’re enjoying the race so far. Follow the race LIVE!

We’ll keep everyone posted with more news!