1000 Miler/Karoo Dash/FreeState Dash Race Update – 2 July 2017

1000 Miler/Karoo Dash/FreeState Dash Race Update – 2 July 2017

With a wonderful ride on day 1, we’re looking forward to some more exceptional riding from our riders.

On the Free State Dash…

Nardus rode through the night finishing his journey in a time of 19h53m52s. John Loos came in second, a few hours behind Nardus, with a time of 21h10m38s. Colin Anderson and Albie Aucamp came in at a joined 3rd place.


Due to illness, Grant also had to retire from the race, just after 6am this morning after having left Winburg.

Gerrit and Deon also withdrew just before 10am this morning.

So, on the Free State Dash front, we still have Org Muller, Jack Black and Morne van Eeden still in the race. The current fixtures for the remaining riders are:

1.) Org Muller – 332.1 km
2.) Jack Black – 297.1 km
3.) Morne van Eeden – 257.7 km

On the 1000 Miler race…

Currently we have William, John (le Roux), Christo, Michael, Wimpie, John (Goddard) and Craig all making their way towards Checkpoint 1 in Winburg. William, John (le Roux), Michael, Christo and Craig all opted to stay in Kroonstad. Wimpie and John stayed over in the Edenville for the evening.


Earlier this morning, we saw Michael, John (le Roux) and Craig getting lost. Wimpie also had a spot of bad luck having taken a wrong turn in the dark at Steynsrus.

At the front, Cindy, Sarah, Tim, and Dave & Dawn Bell are all making great headway on their way towards Edenburg.


Jo Mackenzie and Matthew Myburgh have picked up the pace and they’ve made great strides, after yesterday’s navigational troubles. They’re almost through Brandfort at the moment and they are looking to pass Bloemfontein today.

Current fixtures for the 1000 Miler are as follows:

1.) Tim van Coller – 493.4 km
2.) Dawn Bell – 476 km
3.) Sarah van Heerden – 475.4 km
4.) Dave Bell – 473.2 km
5.) Cindy Theunissen – 461.5 km

On the Karoo Dash…

Lynn and Kevin left Bloemtfontein at 6am this morning. With some chill, Bloem wasn’t as cold as it has been in the past. We hope that the wind will be kind on Lynn and Kevin.

We’ll keep everyone posted with more news! Follow the race LIVE!

All of the best and safe riding,
Andy, Liz & The Massive Adventures Team