1000 Miler/Karoo Dash/FreeState Dash Race Update – 3 July 2017

1000 Miler/Karoo Dash/FreeState Dash Race Update – 3 July 2017

With the Free State Dash almost at a close, and the riders riding 1000 Miler and Karoo Dash still going strong, here’s your daily race update.

On the Free State Dash…

Yesterday Org Muller finished the race with a time of 36 hours and 21 minutes. Morne also just finished the race with a time of 53hours and 30minutes. As the last rider in, he is this year’s Lanterne Rogue recipient.

Well done, Morne!

This year’s Free State Dash showed an immense effort from all the riders who participated. We salute each rider for their exceptional effort.

On the 1000 Miler race…

Things are still far from over.

Cindy & Sarah are still riding strong and they are currently in Colesberg. They’ll be heading up to De Aar and Victoria West. Dave and Dawn Bell stayed over at Philippolis, and they’ve also reached Colesburg.


William and Christo reached Bloem by 09:30am this morning, on their way to Cape Town. Christo is taking a rest day today to get relief for a groin injury he sustained. John Goddard needs to find a pedal for his bike and he’s planning on looking for one in Bloem.

John (le Roux), Michael, Craig and Wimpy arrived at Bloemfontein late last night, after having navigational errors yesterday that cost them half the day. Michael is riding solo this morning after having left later than the others. Wimpy, John and Craig are all heading towards Colesberg.


Current fixtures for the 1000 Miler are as follows:

1.) Sarah van Heerden & Cindy Theunissen
2.) Dave & Dawn Bell
3.) Tim van Coller
4.) Jo Mackenzie and Matthew Myburgh
5.) Wimpie Stander

On the Karoo Dash…

David and Lynn started their race at 04h15 this morning. They stopped for breakfast at Checkpoint 1 (the Colesburg Wimpy) where they bumped into Tim van Coller.

Right now, the weather is cold, however, it’s being kind to the riders on the road. It will be interesting to see what the day holds in store for the riders. We are already seeing the riders separating as they take their chosen routes to Cape Town, some via Richmond and other via De Aar.

Today’s race will be an interesting one.

We’ll keep everyone posted with more news! Follow the race LIVE!