1000 Miler/Karoo Dash/FreeState Dash Race Update – 4 July 2017

1000 Miler/Karoo Dash/FreeState Dash Race Update – 4 July 2017

Tim van Coller rode to De Aar, after battling stomach problems, but he left at 1am for Loxton. Having not had a chance to charge his batteries overnight, Tim’s looking to recharge once he reaches Victoria West. Cindy and Sarah had another impressive ride yesterday, reaching De Aar at 15h30pm yesterday afternoon. They pushed on, however, to reach the Jewel of the Karoo, where they spent the night. We suspect that the duo will reach Fraserberg during the course of the day, today.


The Bells (Dave and Dawn) had a nice and easy ride into Hannover last night, having taken the day in their stride, with an almost perfect day for cycling that had little wind and a nice and balmy 15oC in places. They left early this morning and they also seem to be making their way towards Fraserberg, as well.


Over on the Karoo Dash, Kevin and Lynn spent the night between Hannover and Richmond at Woftlezfontein. This morning, they’re heading up to Victoria West, and we suspect they might even reach Loxton today.

Jo, Matthew, John (le Roux), Craig and Wimpie all reached Colesberg in one piece last night. This morning, they’re heading towards De Aar, but Jo and Matthew might push themselves further to reach Victoria West by the end of the day.


Michael Ortlepp made it to Philiposis. And, he finally had his lamb pie that he’s been dreaming of since last year’s race. This morning, he’s back at it, however, Michael’s final destination might either be De Aar or Hannover.

William spent the night at Trompsburg after a day of steady riding. Christo took a rest day to try and get his leg sorted, however, we’re sad to report that he’s retired from the race this morning.

However, our Perseverance Prize for yesterday’s ride goes to John Goddard.

John left Winburg at 1am yesterday morning. On his ride, John and Morne both struggled to reach Bloem after having to change tires and struggling through numerous flats. They finally reached Bloem at around 11am in the morning. However, with John’s spinal on his pedal having broken along the way, John had to take a short break to have it fixed. After some navigational errors, John finally got to his overnight rest stop at 11pm last night.

This, folks, is some serious vasbyt from John. And, there seems to be no slowing the man down. He’s up and on his way to Colesburg already to beat the 6am cut off for tomorrow morning.

Victoria West is rather cold this morning, but the weather is clear. Let’s see what adventures today has in store for our riders.