1000 Miler/Karoo Dash/FreeState Dash Race Update – 7 July 2017

1000 Miler/Karoo Dash/FreeState Dash Race Update – 7 July 2017

With limited cellphone coverage from Victoria West down to Ceres, our trackers picked up our riders 10kms before and after each town, yesterday.

Cindy Theunissen and Sarah van Heerden, after having reached Loxton on Wednesday, took advantage of the lack of wind on the road, and pedalled through to Fraserberg, arriving there are 20h00. The girls aimed for Bizangaat, where they were treated to that magical Karoo hospitality by De Ville and Tinda of Bizangaat. Leaving at 05h00, the two ladies rode through to the finish line after a couple of stops for ice cream and cool drinks along the way. They won the race in a blistering time 5 days, 11 hours and 52 minutes, breaking the current record of 6 days and 14 hours. This is an exceptional ride from the ladies. Well done!


Tim van Coller left Loxton early with Dave and Dawn Bell on Wednesday. The trio reached Fraserberg at around lunchtime. Dave and Dawn carried on, reaching Sutherland, where they stayed overnight. They left for Ceres at around midnight, which they reached at around 15h00. Biting down, the duo aimed for the finish, pushing through all the way to reach Eden on the Bay at 23h12 on Thursday evening, coming in second and completing the race in 5 days, 18 hours and 12 minutes. What an amazing ride from them.


Jo Mackenzie, Wimpie Stander, John (le Roux) and Craig Tomlinson had a rather windy ride into Loxton from Victoria West on Wednesday, reaching Loxton at 18h30. After a quick meal, the group repacked and set off for Fraserberg, which they reached at 03h30 the following morning. They had another windy day of riding as they made their way towards Sutherland. At 20h00, Craig decided to stay at Sutherland to try and give his knees a rest. The Three Amigos left for Bizangat. They are expected to finish today.


Michael Ortlepp also had a navigational error on his ride, which saw him ending up in Richmond, as well. But, Michael being Michael, he put his head down and got through to reach Victoria West by nightfall. On Thursday, Michael rode into Loxton, then Fraserberg. With snow being expected on the mountains, he’s hoping to miss the coming cold front that’s laying ahead.

William Cairns and John Goddard had a few navigational errors on Wednesday that had these gents on an extended sightseeing tour of Karoo. William ended up in Britstown, a town no rider has visited before. He managed to find accommodation, and he did manage to reach Loxton on Thursday afternoon.

John Goddard rode into De Aar at around 21h30, with the massive day he had on Tuesday almost taking its toll on him. On Thursday, John’s navigational errors saw him ending up in Richmond. However, John decided to retire from the race last night, having gotten a lift to Loxton to meet up with William where they’ll pedal through to the finish together. We’re sad to see John retire from the race, as his ride was a tenacious effort.

Over on the Karoo Dash, Kevin Davie and Lynn Morris sneaked out at 01h00 from Loxton on Wednesday, pedalling all the way to Sutherland, after a brief pitstop in Fraserberg where they had a really big lunch to help push them through. They arrived at 21h15. On Thursday morning, they were up and off again as they made their way towards Ceres. We caught them on the road just after Sutherland, looking forward to crossing the mountain towards Ceres.

Friday will see the 6 remaining riders finish the race during the day. We suspect that by Monday all the riders will have reached the finish line. The riders towards the back of the pack will try and push as far as they can before the cold front hits the Western Cape, bringing with it snow and rain.

The race is far from over yet!