1000 Miler/Karoo Dash/FreeState Dash Race Update – 10 July 2017

1000 Miler/Karoo Dash/FreeState Dash Race Update – 10 July 2017

Sunday was a quiet day waiting at the finish for the last two riders, Michael Ortlepp and William Cairns.

On Saturday evening, after having taken the way around instead of going up Baines Kloof, Craig Tomlinson finished the race at 22h30 on Saturday evening. Craig also managed to finish the rout ehe took in a really fast time of 7 days, 16 hours and 30 minutes. And, despite a knee injury that he nursed for a good distance to the finish, Craig crossed the finish line with huge smile on his face.

On Sunday, Michael left Wolsley early in the morning, only to be greeted by a pelting sheet of icy cold rain. With visibility up the Baines Kloof Pass minimal, and arriving in Wellington safely, Michael was ready to stay the day and wait out the weather conditions. After thawing out and enjoying a good meal, Michael bought a rain suit from a trader in the area and pedalled down to get to the finish line.

At Eden on Big Bay, Michael’s supporters including the Spirit Foundation, gathered to cheer him in. They also broke the news to Michael that he had managed to raise over R10,000 for the Spirit Foundation. A great effort for a truly worthy cause.


With reports of snow up in the Ceres mountains that didn’t appear as was forecast, however, the rain, wind and low clouds made for a rather unpleasant day as William rode into Ceres. William took a beating from the weather when he arrived in Ceres, but he decided to stay the night and pedal to the finish on Monday.

With Williams the last rider on the road, we eagerly await his finish, as he, against all the weather predictions, has a beautiful Cape Town morning to arrive in to.