The Final 1000 Miler/Karoo Dash/FreeState Dash Race Update

The Final 1000 Miler/Karoo Dash/FreeState Dash Race Update

And so it comes to an end.

William Cairns crossed the finish line a while ago, completing the 1000 Miler in 9 days, 9 hours and 10 minutes. Yesterday’s struggle through the cold and the rain was instantly forgotten as the sight of the Cape’s beautiful weather, in all of its wintery glory, greeted William when he rode into Eden on the Bay.

And thus, with all the riders now at home, we are grateful for their participation. From overall winners Cindy and Sarah, who astonished everyone with their tenacity during the race and their riding skill, to the last man on the 1000 Miler – and Laterne Rouge recipient – William Cairns, and every in between, this year’s Free State Dash, 1000 Miler and Karoo Dash have been nothing less than fantastic.

From us here at Massive Adventures, to have been part of your journey, through the highs and lows, and through the every victory, big and small, has been an honour and a pleasure. The cold, frozen bottle are now long forgotten against the welcome smiles and the true hospitality from South Africans along the route.


To everyone who’s followed the races, the 1000 Miler, Karoo Dash and Free State Dash thank you for your support in cheering on the riders.

If any thing’s clear, then it’s this: if you want a real taste of the REAL South Africa, then the only way to do is to climb on your bike and go for an adventure. Don’t buy into any of the negative stuff floating around social media and everywhere else. We live in a truly wonderful country filled with wonderfully kind and hospitable people.

So, Hambe kahle. Reis goed en gaan veilig. Stay safe and ride well.
Andy, Liz & The Massive Adventures Team