The Trans Afrika Bike Race

The Trans Africa Bike Race

It is with great sadness that we announce that we will NOT be organizing a Trans Afrika Bike Race event for 2017.

With the two deaths that has occurred on the Trans America ride and The Australian ride, we’ve had a rethink about the risk surrounding Trans endurance racing.

We’ve come to the conclusion that riders will always push themselves to their limits and beyond. This is what we as adventure cyclists do. We will always try to take the shortest route, despite the dangers that may be looming ahead. This is by no means meant as a bad thing, on the contrary.

As race organizers, we that even though riders sign a liability waiver, this does not diminish the fact that we also hold ourselves accountable for the safety of each rider on the road, should something go wrong during the race.

The ethos of these long-distance endurance races has always been for the rider to choose their own route, ride until you drop and finish in the fastest time possible. The way we see it is that to be able to take away the danger and to control these element, is by giving riders defined routes and to enforce compulsory stops along the way. This goes against the ethos of these races, and for the Trans Afrika, this is not what we wanted.

Up until now, we haven’t had any accidents or incidents on the road during our Trans Afrika races, or any of our other races, for that matter as well. However, as the other endurance races have illustrated, it’s simply a matter time before something does happen that’s beyond our control.

If there are riders who would still want to ride the route that we’ve organized for the Trans Afrika Bike Race, we will happily share the route with those who would like to take it on.

Please email our race organizer, Andy Masters for the necessary info: .