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The Durban Dash DOWN takes place in April each year. The route is between Johannesburg and Durban. Riders will have 55 hours to complete the route and checkpoint cut offs will apply.

The distance is approximately 620 Kilometers in length and is an self supported adventure cycle race. The rider may select any route on or off road to cover the distance via the compulsory checkpoints. The checkpoints may change from year to year.

Riders must comply and agree to the race rules, no outside assistance is permitted and resupply can only be by commercial means. This in basic terms means that you cannot uses any assistance or resupply that is not available to all riders. This ensures a level playing field.

Riders are self-sufficient and are responsible for their own food and accommodation requirements. The race office and Joint Operations Centre is mobile during the whole race. All riders have to ensure that they have the technology and means to charge their phones at all times. Tracking will be via the riders mobile phone and must be able to track at all times.

Riders are supplied with a suggested route to ride in the form of GPX tracks.

Durban Dash Down 2017

Durban Dash Down


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