Enter the Free State Dash 2017

This race takes place at the same time as the 1000 miler and riders of the Free State Dash will start with the 1000 miler riders. The race is approximately 450 kilometers in length. The riders have 60 hours to complete the distance via the compulsory checkpoints. The entry fee is R1700.00 per rider for 2017

The addition of the Free State Dash is to allow riders to race between two great cities in a shorter format, and to assist riders who want to ride our longer races but are not sure if they can manage the distances or the adventure.

Riders must comply and agree to the race rules, no outside assistance is permitted and resupply can only be by commercial means. This in basic terms means that you cannot uses any assistance or resupply that is not available to all riders. This ensures a level playing field.

Riders are self-sufficient and are responsible for their own food and accommodation requirements. The race office and Joint Operations Centre is mobile during the whole race. All riders have to ensure that they have the technology and means to charge their phones at all times. Riders will be tracked via their mobile phones and must be tracked at all times.

Riders are supplied with a suggested route to ride in the form of GPX tracks.

1jul - 35:00 amjul 3- 6:00 pmThe Free State Dash